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Securing Your Holiday Home


Securing your holiday home is of great importance, both when it is in use or unnocupied. The following checklist will help ensure that your holiday home secure:

  • bpoint  Change the locks when you take ownership of your holiday home. Even if the property is brand new, this is still a good idea as there may be copies of your keys floating about. Also consider changing the locks if you switch management companies and cleaners.
  • bpoint  Check your current insurance policy. Some policies require specific types of locks and alarms to be fitted. They may also state a maximum vacancy period, i.e, if your property stands empty for more a certain amount of days you may not be covered during the excess period - be sure to read the small print. Here at My Holiday Home Insurance we allow for 60 Days of unoccupancy.
  • bpoint  Secure all windows. Make sure they have locks and that the keys are not left in or on the window ledge, or somewhere equally visible.
  • bpoint  Consider fitting security grilles on the windows. You can easily customise these to make them blend in with your decor. If you want flexibility, then retractable security grilles can be folded out of the way when you have guests in.
  • bpoint  Don't leave the curtains permanently closed when there is no one staying. Likewise, consider investing in a timer switch to turn the lights on and off throughout the evening.
  • bpoint  Your neighbours are best placed to keep an eye on your property when it's standing empty. Ask if someone can pop round in the morning and evenings to draw the curtains and make your holiday home look lived in. They'll also notice any problems such as burst pipes.
  • bpoint  Install security lights. These will alert your neighbours if there's movement around your house when there's not meant to be anyone there. Light will also make your guests feel more at ease if returning home in the dark.
  • bpoint  Lock away ladders and garden tools that could help someone break in. Lock all sheds and garages, especially if they are attached to your home.
  • bpoint  Ask your guests to respect any security measures you have in place so that your property is secure at all times. For example, always lock the front and back doors as well as securing windows when they leave the property and at night, and don't leave valuable items in clear view through windows.
  • bpoint  Fit a safe in your holiday home where guests can leave any valuables and passports, etc. Make sure that it is put out of sight.


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Securing Your Holiday Home

Securing your holiday home is of great importance, both when it is in use or unnocupied. The following checklist will help ensure that your holiday home secure:


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